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West Africa like you’ve never seen !

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Zénith tours – Niger is a travel agency specializing in travel expeditions to Niger - Chad and West Africa in particular . We have two bases in place : one in Niger in Niamey and the other in Chad in N'djamena which are the
starting points for all the expeditions.

The direct management of two bases is the identifying mark of our way of traveling and organizing, because it alllows a particular attention not only to the resolution of all the technical problems, but also to the search for new routes, which only an acquaintance of the country can arouse.

All our trips are exploratory trips. Each one of them integrates, in its way, our values : Nature-Culture,- Meetings with the populations.

The vocation of Zenith Tours is to make your stay pleasant in Niger and Chad in the other contries of the sub-region : Benin- Burkina Faso- Togo- Mali- Ghana.

We also offer tours on request : Cultural Festivals- Reports- Film Shoots.

Some of our trips can be made individually

Have a nice trip.





Because of its geographical location, Niger is the ideal heart to shine in neighboring countries : Benin- Ghana- Burkina Faso - Togo - Chad.
Contact us for the desert and the parks :

the big animal reserves of Africa (zakouma- Park W- Park of Pendjari ) - documentaries – the culturels stays in  individual or in family.

Our human and material structure, a confirmed experience can allow us to welcome important groups, to which we are alble to propose circuits adapted to the rhythm of each one.
organization of travels in :

• 4x4 cars and camels
• Air-conditioned minibuses
• Arranged Pinnace
  Hiking or chameliere
• strong teams of guides and cooks
• bivouac equipment to accomodate up to 100%


Fêtes de woodabe Mbororo tchad

Festival Mbororo du Tchad  

As in Niger, the Peulhs Mbororo of Chad also celebrate the traditional ceremonies of Guerewool .
This cultural richness inherited from the ancestors, allows the Peulhs community to find themselves and share the news ... Lire la suite

Bororos festival

Guerewool festival Peulhs du Niger  

It’s an annual festival of Peulhs Bororo . It is held every year in the margins of the salt Cure,  it takes place in most of the Peulhs villages located in the vicinity of nomadic site. It is a traditional ... Lire la suite

Bianou  agadez Niger

Cure Salée Niger  

 Cure Salée in Ingall 2018
Salted cure is a pastoral transhumance pastorale mouvement towards the salt area of Ingall .

It is an annual event of meeting between the peuliers Peulhs and Tuareg to ... Lire la suite

danse de bianou agadez

Bianou : festival Touareg Niger 2019 


Bianou is a privileged moment for entire population to finally express their cultural identity, highlight the beauty of their bodies. This festival is held in the ... Lire la suite

cascade niger

Niger : short tours: from 1 to 10 days 

- Niamey city tour
- Niamey  - kouré(giraffes)
- Niamey -River Niger and  Parc W
- Agadez and Zinder ( ancient Cities and sultannates)
- Agadez and its surroundings
- Tahoua and Ader ... Lire la suite